Sunday, May 9, 2010

14 Days Left

Roland Garros 2010. Not my favoritest Slam, but worth watching and waiting for. Well-known as the grittiest, toughest, dirtiest Slam out there, it fits its most popular competitor - Rafael Nadal.

I'll be putting on my insanity cap again in two weeks because I love watching tennis. To clarify, Grand Slams only. There's something about a stage that massive, an audience that great, and the pressure it places on the gladiators of the tennis world.

Nadal is heavily favored to come back and show the world who's boss again, and I'm backing him. That blasted Roger Federer is weeks away from beating Pete Sampras' record number of weeks on top. Does that man have to have everything? Ugh. I don't want him to win anymore (haven't wanted him to win in years). Someone who does not visibly sweat on TV is cheating.

Yes, yes. I am unreasonable.

Yay, Roland Garros 2010 is around the block! Cannot. Wait.

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