Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Adventures in WTF

Crazy shit you see in department stores, part 2: what in the name of heaven did they do to my beloved Pringles?

Here's my good friend and colleague Abby Z. holding up one of the newest flavors Pringles has decided to hoist on an unsuspecting public. While I understand the Japanese undertones, this is still bizarre. Seaweed? I skipped the soft-shelled crab flavor, that's not exactly weird. Probably tastes like shrimp kropeck. Nothing like this, though:

These, um, things, caught my eye. Sky blue canisters more suited to M&Ms than a potato crisp. I'm all for change, but what in gay hell? And upon closer inspection:

Blueberry and Hazelnut? This is for chocolates, not potato crisps. I actually got to taste the lemon one (courtesy of a friend at work). Ick, and nast. It tastes like Pringles for all of two seconds and leaves you with an aftertaste similar to that of a lemony chocolate bar. And it lingers in the sinuses. Awful.

Not wanting to leave out the expectant, lactating demographic, another Pringles flavor promises to be a potential hit with hormonal pregnant women:

Extreme indeed. I'm not a pickle fan myself, this is pretty weird to me. No thanks. This is like if they made Cheetos in Cheesy Chocolate. Totally FUBAR.

Would any of these appeal? Discuss.

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