Monday, April 19, 2010

Back in Qwertyland

My search for a new assistant is over. Teddy's replacement is exactly like him, except he's currently nameless and is as black as the night.

Deciding didn't come easy. I'd initially thought of the E72, until my good friend and colleague Abby asked if I was "...willing to pay 7K more for a metal body, trackpad and the fact that it breathes?" I suppose that, coupled with SM's amazing sale yesterday, and my restlessness and general discontent with using a phone that didn't belong to me and wasn't Qwerty, settled it.

I do love the E63 a lot. Teddy was taken from me too soon. I'm taking a deep breath and hoping his successor doesn't suffer the same fate.


Anonymous said...

eeek! you bought the black one! congratulations! hehe.

Anonymous said...

uhh... im not exactly sure why it's displaying A+ when i post a comment but yeah, abby here nikka jo. : )

Anonymous said...

oh! finally! i was able to change it. LOL. sorry for flooding your comments section. hehe.

tonibabydoll said...

great! you got a new teddy!!! (oh, dont tell your new assistant as "it" may think that teddy is still "the-assistant-to-beat".. oh, i didn't know that teddy's kind come in black... nice one! :)

and please get back on FaceBook!



Nikka said...

dahlings! you made it to my new nook! yes, abby i did buy the black one and no worries about the comment flood.

toni dearest, i haven't named it yet (it's currently called TBA, lol). i'm still on facebook detox for the moment, and feel no urges to get back on as yet. :)