Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day Eight

I'm beginning to lose count of how long I've been off FB. I know it hasn't been that long. Doesn't feel like forever, either. It just feels like I don't really care. At times it's completely exhilarating, and other times it feels weird being completely out of the loop. What's the rest of the world doing today? I suppose it's just like missing the beach. You miss it because it's not where you're at, but the moment you get home you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else. Of course, this is just me, since the beach is not one of my super favorite places.

It's not that I've cut myself off completely. I still check up on my favorite blogs, read the news, watch TV. It's crazy how it feels so antiquated, not getting news updates via FB feed, or Twitter (not that I ever had Twitter). Instead I get it fro websites. Omg, like, sooooo old school.

I do know for instance, that Heidi Montag is now a hideous plasticine doll with giant sacks of silicone in her chest. Oh, and Steven Seagal has gotten busted for sex trafficking and being a complete pervert. Yes, as usual, I concentrate on news that really matters.

There he is. Glory days, sort of. Never was a fan, but this is one of the better pictures floating around out there - he is currently a bloated, washed-up caricature of his former self. Thought I'd spare your eyeballs.

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