Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day One

Did a world before Web 2.0 exist, where individuals didn't get poked, tagged or tweeted, books were made of paper and music was played on a cassette tape? Sometimes I forget what that world was like.

Everything is noisy and over-saturated. It's intrusive. It's galling. It's boring. Everyone screams into the ether, wanting to be heard. People scream back. It's all about "what I'm doing."

Facebook has finally gotten to me. I still want to know what everyone is up to; I just don't want to know about it all the time - especially if all you're doing is going to work, having a hangover, watching Keanu Reeves, eating potato chips. I am sick of the pressure of trying to be interesting.

I no longer want to be ultra-accessible. There will only be three ways to touch base: e-mail, text messages or Skype.

I haven't gotten the shakes yet.

This is Day One.

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