Monday, April 12, 2010

Day Two

Living offline, Day Two.

Concerted effort to do things that matter without being stymied by Facebook: took some time to have dinner with the trainers in Sophia Suites. I personally love the ambience at that place. Mellow lighting everywhere. (I have a thing for mellow lighting; it bolsters denial of age.) Good conversation, bad smoking. I understand that people smoke because they're stressed, but it is a nasty habit and I dislike being a second-hand smoker. I don't get why people are aware that it kills, but do it anyway.

It seems a night meant for smoking. After dinner, Formo was up next. Met up with Chuck for a nice little reunion. Good music, good place for eye candy. Beautiful men. Beautiful women. Beautiful in-betweens. Saw a tiny, girl-like hooker being swallowed up by her big white john. Making out in public - awesome if you're good looking. Train wreck if you're both ugly. They were both ugly. I could barely find the decency to look away.

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